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Training Day 2001 English DVDRip Torrent Download

Training Day (2001)

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Training Day torrent

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Year: 2001
Genre: Action, Crime, Drama
Director: Antoine Fuqua
Starring: Denzel Washington, Ethan Hawke, Scott Glenn

On his first day on the job as a narcotics důstojníks, rookie cop works rogue detective who is not what it is.
I know I'm late as hell and I hate to break the overall atmosphere of the film, but this movie was great when I saw in the theater and better each time you watch it again. And this is largely due to the performances of Denzel and Ethan. I do not know what you guys were expecting, but the film clearly shows that Denzel step, spend, streetwise cop and Ethan wet behind the ears rookie clueless about. So, knowing that, what did you guys expect, Malcolm X, Remember the Titans, The Hurricane? If you did, then maybe we should all be checked. The reason why this film is so great is because it was not a role model movie Denzel typical. We know it can play those roles so it is testament to his acting ability that can show the other side of the spectrum. And my hat goes off to Ethan as he rebounded from Denzel flawlessly.I hate to break the news to you guys, but by Alonzo cops there and should be recognized. Not to act as problem solving. You do not have to go deep to know that Alonzo was once a good cop who just fed up w / police procedures. If you recognize that Jakes shallow-mindedness of early films but allowed him to look at the advantages of doing detective and as the days progress transformation can appreciate Ethans picture of it. Let's face, a bad day at the office when you narcotics investigator very different from that of the executive office and the various stresses different results.Even guaranteed authentic street rhetoric. Perhaps you guys should get out of the burbs more. You guys really do not expect eloquent dialogue with little or no profanity, huh? The only part of this film, I have trouble with brass dr horrible overacting and that's not nearly enough to take the time result.Next generally only film you guys, make sure to try to be objective and Rate what you see and not what you are used to seeing!

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