Monday, July 8, 2013

The Girl Next Door 2004 [English] DVD-R x264 Torrent Download

The Girl Next Door (2004)

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The Girl Next Door torrent

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Year: 2004
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance
Director: Luke Greenfield
Starring: Emile Hirsch, Elisha Cuthbert, Timothy Olyphant

Teenagers dreams, when a former porn star moves in next door, they fall in love.
Here is a good example of how to equip writers, armed with a creative juice to spare, take a well-worn plot and restore it to make it look fresh. Just when you think you have a different twist figured out, you're surprised. This is done through the film, the Girl Next Door is one of the most charming, intelligent and subversive teen comedy ive seen in a long time - beautifully written, perfectly cast, the real joy from start to finish. Emile Hirsch, Elisha Cuthbert and Timothy Olyphant shines in their roles of a young man at a crossroads in his life, The Girl Next Door title surprised and scuzball a heart that knows you should do the right thing, even when it comes against his business instincts. These characters are not one-dimensional, thanks to excellent writing, or comics, they come across as real individuals and comedy in the film comes at their expense, but organically, as part of their journey. How Olyphants figure Hirsch asks at one point: Not juice worth the pressure? In this case, it certainly is.

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