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Save the Date 2012 (English) [DVDRip].x264 Torrent Download

Save the Date (2012)

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Save the Date torrent

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Year: 2012
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Director: Michael Mohan
Starring: Geoffrey Arend, Mark Webber, Alison Brie

Sara begins to address deficiencies in the boys when she rejects his proposal hasty and soon finds herself in love rebound. Meanwhile, her sister, but is immersed in the details of their wedding.
Interesting how long Save the Date PPV is available and just a few feedback. I think this film is good for a wide release, but polarize the audience ... I see people andthe lover or hate it.It far from the traditional ROMCO to like everyone, but for those who stay connected to the Hells and the latitude g, you can find a lot of links here, andthe Save the Date The beauty is that it happens in a chillingly realistic, but not enough to affect the way. Much of this game, almost desperate effort Lizzy Kaplan to what many see as a breakthrough in performance (this). She plays Sarah, a bookstore manager who pretty much along for the ride dating bandleader Kevin (Jeff Arend). It seems pretty content, but there are some clues beginning of the film that something is off, and when Sarahs best friend (Allison Brie Champagne), getting a ring, drummer Kevin (not received the spotlight of the hilarious Martin Starr), it makes Kevin do something really humiliating morityfing --- that is, if you do not want this to happen: it suggests that before Sarah orchestra and audience gas, nearly a hundred camera phones to send to you in a crowded bar humiliation Week Tube.The most of the movie follows Sarah as the ball is to contact a good guy Jonathan (Mark Webber), and fought a lot of very esoteric issues not addressed in the stone , nnyƅ± fun: love Sarah, for example, Johnathan? Is it more than Kevin completely? Just what is the damn problem andthe commitment intimacy, anyway? These issues have irritated a lot of people, but they were not interested in me, in particular, played Kaplan, ye who are very adept with it anything in the smallest gestures , and the face is ticks.Add Brie Martin Starr unwavering realistic life-sustaining deadpan ad-libbed a line and Geoff Arrends music (the song is really nice two-minute accidents piece the sky), and has a very unique human comedy, which will give you something to think about, and something to swoon over.

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